It's twenty-eleven! Really?

I haven't really been a person to make a big list of new year's resolutions in the past. But, eleven things seemed manageable, I think. I tried to make focused, specific goals, rather than big ideas (well, except for number eleven). I really am determined to make this a great year. 

1. blog, semi-daily
2. learn how to use my fancy-schmancy camera
3. find make time to run...this is a priority...running not only makes me feel healthier, but my general attitude and happiness depends on it
4. organize household paperwork by finding a system and sticking with it (and training the husband)
5. budget for and plan a trip in 2012
6. re-do bathroom
7. actively seek new job and employment opportunities
8. eliminate "stuff"
9. draw, write, sketch
10. try more new foods and recipies
11. don't be afraid, step out, take a risk and don't worry about all the little stuff

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