As much as I love Target, it's always a bit depressing. This is where I stock up on the essentials—toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, contact solution, and diapers. Those items are expensive! As part of my getting rid of stuff/saving money goal, I'm going to try to make Target a once monthly trip. This is certainly be a challenge. Since it's relatively nearby, it's easy to make a quick trip if I just need a few items, but then of course, other things make their way into my cart as well.

So far in January, I have actually made two trips, but I stuck to my list both times. The only extraneous item purchased was a pair of 12M baby jeans for Wyatt (on 50 percent off clearance for $4.00). My most recent trip included coupons for almost every item purchased; in most cases I even had two coupons—a Target coupon and a manufacturer's coupon. Even though my final tally was $139 and some change, I saved over $20 with coupons and I'll hopefully be stocked on household essentials through mid-February at least.

In our house, Target is a verb, as in "we need to go Target-ing" or "let's go Target-ing."

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