I got in a morning run this morning for what seems like the first time in ages. It's so refreshing and energizing to be up and out before the rest of the world wakes up. It's nice too when the temperature on the last morning of 2010 is 45 degrees.

My mom keeps a journal where she record weather and daily farm happenings (like dates of planting and harvest). I have a Garmin watch that keeps track of my distance and pace and though I could easliy download this information, I never have. Maybe I'll start keeping cumulative statistics in 2011.

Distance: 2.53 miles don't judge, it's been a looong time coming to even get out
Time: 26:20 so just a tad over 10/minutes a mile. I'm ok with that for now.Weather: 45 degrees, breezy

One upcoming resolution is to be more positive and confident about myself. No need to add the negative comments to everything. Just let it be what it is, right?

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