Pants Problem: Solved

I have a pants problem. Does anyone else have a pants problem too?

I'm five-eight and a half. I hate even trying on pants because I just know that they won't fit me. Regular-length pants are just a tad too short. Just a tad. And, if they aren't too short in the store, then they will be after a wash. Tall-length pants are too long. So I struggle and avoid pants like the plague, even though I really need some smart-looking, good-fitting pants.

This weekend, I made a quick trip to New York and Company. I don't shop there often, but need to return/exchange a few things I received at Christmas and my gift receipt expired Februry 9th. Since I already have more tops/sweaters than I need, I promised myself that I would walk out of the store only with pants.

I armed myself with a few pairs and headed for the fitting room.

Success!! Amazing. Shocking. Exciting. A pant that fits and is long enough without being too long. I'm wearing them today, and I'm so happy. How great is it when you find a piece of clothing that really fits exactly right?

I got these in gray. (I wanted khaki, but they didn't have my size.) I'm so happy about these, that I may have to save up my lunch money/weekly allowance to go back and get another pair in a different color (probably khaki or navy). Sorry, Stacy and Clinton, but this is one case where I need to purchase the same article in multiple colors.

Really, I am in a great mood today, and I attribute to the confidence I gain from good-fitting pants. (Oh, and I also had a free birthday drink coupon from Starbucks that I redeemed this morning on my way into work.)

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