Spray Paint...my new best friend

I've not really spray painted any large or significant item before. A frame or two here or there, but no real furniture. On Veteran's Day, I made it my mission to update a few chairs that have been sitting in my basement collecting layer upon layer of dust since 2004. Six years!

A Thanksgiving of eight semi-required this action, but I've been wanting to do this for years. Afer some internet blog research, I discovered that a hand-held manual spray paint gun might be my ticket.

Light sanding, a coat of gray primer, and two coats of black satin spray paint later, they look great! Really, I am so happy with them. I spray painted two out of the four chairs and I couldn't be happier. Both are now in my dining room, but could be pulled into my living room when and if needed. In the spring, once temps return to something above 50 degrees, I think I'll give them a light sanding with a super-fine grit sanding pad to clean up a few small drips and then add another light coat of black satin followed by a coat of poly.

Of the two remaining chairs, I have a plan to paint at least one bright yellow for the guest room/office.

(For the life of me, I cannot get that last picture to rotate. And, this post layout is horrific. It's driving me nuts!)

Sweetie Pumpkin and an Apple Pie

It's November already...and not only that, it's the END of November already. I can't keep up. Hmm...the reoccurring theme of my life.

Anyway, Wyatt was the sweetest, plump-est (helped by the cold temps and extra layers of clothes), happiest pumpkin ever for Halloween. What a sweetie pumpkin!

The apple pie was a success. And, it really was easy, no lie. I tasted it too and decided that I could tolerate it after all, though the "before" mixture of raw apples, cinnamon and sugar still tastes better to me.