After a week and a half of staring at a blank office wall and missing my giant Crate & Barrel Stendig wall calendar, I decided to create my own mini-version. Mine is 11x17, which is the largest size paper that I had readily available, but I think this could work well. I can just hang every month up at once in a three column by four row grid.

My version:

Crate & Barrel version (not sure of dimensions, 24x36 maybe):
When I was creating my version, I didn't think of the Monday through Sunday arrangement. Though it often took me a second upon glancing at the calendar to figure out which day of the week I should be looking at, I did really like the week starting on a Monday. Somehow it made the weekend seem more prominent when the days were grouped together, as if you had more time that you would if the Saturday was on one line and the Sunday was on another line.

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