July Duty and a Garmin

I was summoned to serve on jury duty from August 10-21. Despite the fact the most people seem to grumble about this, I thought jury duty was really interesting. In the two weeks time that I served, I didn't get to be an actual juror, but I did serve as an alternate.

The other exciting thing about jury duty was the $20/day per diem.

A Garmin Forerunner has been on my wish list for some time. I've been trying to tuck some extra lunch money away each week, but for some reason that money (even after I have a good amount saved up) tends to get used toward a bill or unexpected expense.

So, when I received my $160 per diem check in the mail today from jury duty (I only ended up serving eight days ), I immediately took the check to the ATM deposit and then ordered my Garmin. Amazon.com Garmin Forerunner 305 price: $160.28. Perfect.

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