Brain Dump

I finally ordered Christmas cards last Saturday and they arrived yesterday...now, onto addressing them and buying stamps...I half completed my goal of family photo cards (on my list of new holiday traditions) by only including the little guy in the photo...the husband wasn't so interested in actually being on the card...speaking of which, we really do not have any photos of the three of us...

my sister got engaged a few weeks ago, and I saw her and her fiance last night for the first time since the big question was asked...yay! for her...our parents are, of course, pressuring her do things the expected way..."what, you're not going to get married in a church?" and "if you don't have the wedding here, grandma might not be able to come" and so forth...I know that it may not sound so bad in writing, but really they have a way of pushing the limits...I told my sister not to give in and I hope she doesn't...she asked me to be her matron of honor and I accepted....woohoo! I've actually never been in a wedding before...I wonder if this is means I have no friends???...I asked if I could design her invitations, programs, etc...her response: you're hired, go for it, and can you do the centerpieces too...so exciting...now to start collecting ideas...my head is spinning already

santa is coming to the little guy's daycare tomorrow and I can't wait to see his reaction...so fun...I also took tomorrow afternoon off in an attempt to finish off some Christmas shopping

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