Easy as Pie

I love baking. It's relaxing and an often needed stress reliever for me. But, I've never made a pie. Never. (Well, I've made frozen pies with purchased graham cracker crusts but this is not a "real" pie.) Mostly, I am scared of the crust making component. I've considered buying pre-made crusts but somehow thought that it might be cheating. Though, if I purchase graham cracker crusts, purchasing a pastry crust is really the same idea, right?

So, I'm going to do it. I'm going to make a pie. A real, bona fide, ligitimate pie. An apple pie at that. I will earn some serious husband brownie points. He loves apple pie, whereas I'm not an apple or any kind of warmed up/cooked fruit pie fan. (Husband thinks this is ridiculous considering that I grew up on a farm in the rural midwest.)

So, I've been purusing apple pie recipies. A Saturday morning trip to the farmer's market should stock me up on apples.

Clover Lane
Whisk Kid
Pioneer Woman / Tasty Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen

Additional apples will go into the making of the little guy's first applesauce.

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