Keeping Up

Ahh...my intentions are good, but by follow through is not. I have ideas for blog posts daily, but lack the time and inspiration to actually sit down and write. And I like to write so why am I not bothered enough to actually do it?

Today though...I have about 30 hours of FML left so I decided to take this afternoon off just for myself. I'm head to the boathouse to row (for the fourth time this year). My rowing attempt on Tuesday evening was called off due to threatening skies and thunder. Today, however, is beautiful.

Lots to do, of course. The in-laws are coming tomorrow. I have floors to dust (good thing Wyatt can't crawl yet; by necessity, my house might be cleaner when he does). I have cookies to make.* I have chicken spaghetti to stir up for the in-laws to eat while they are babysitting tomorrow (the husband and I will be at the Ohio State v. Miami game). I have laundry to fold. Milk to pump. A stovetop to clean. More milk to pump. Etc.

But, I am taking the rest of the afternoon for me.

*Cookies were made once, but we ate them all. All of them. Really, it's true. I probabaly ate 75% of them myself. So I have to start again...

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